Who’s watching you?

Happy Friday!

One of my favourite people when it comes to making me laugh is Ellen Degeneres. She once said that we only use 10% of our brains. She went on to say ‘Imagine what we could achieve if we used the other 60%.’

I look up to Ellen in a big way, she’s funny, kind, and an all out nice person. I was thinking, how would I act differently if she were watching? Or anyone else I admire come to think of it. Apart from trying to be a lot funnier (which would be embarrassing to watch) I’d probably get more done, be a lot nicer and give things a go more. I wouldn’t let anxiety get in the way.

Imagine someone you absolutely adore. Someone you think is the closest to perfect you’ve ever met. They might be a celebrity, a relative, a friend, even a fictional character. Think how it makes you feel to pretend they are watching you. Do you sit up a bit straighter? Are you living life more on the wild side? Would you shower EVERY day????

I challenge you to go and live for a day like they were watching your every move. Notice how your behaviour and attitudes change. Is it for the best? Do you get more done? Do you achieve more?

If it makes a positive difference, try it for a week, then a month. Eventually you will become the person you were trying to be. You will become someone that makes you and your hero proud.




My name is Smiler and I’m talking to you. Yes, you.

Regardless of how you stumbled across this page, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

People have all sorts of passions. Everything from archaeology to zumba. My passion is people.

As the name of the blog suggests, I’m here to put the biggest smile on your face and help reduce that pesky anxiety. I get a kick out of seeing someone’s face light up and motivating them to follow their ambitions and dreams. I hate the thought of anyone being down or giving up on something important to them, especially due to anxiety.

My hope for this blog is that it becomes something you will turn to after a bad day. That it will motivate and inspire you. I hope over time we can create a little community with everybody chipping in and having a laugh. While you’re here you can leave reality behind, recharge and then go back out there and show everyone what you’re made of.

Till next time,