Realise you are already rich!

ImageHi All,

I’m writing this post from a place of pure gratitude.

I am in good health. This is priceless.

I am sat beside my wife, someone I wouldn’t trade for the wealth of the whole world. This means that I already have ‘something’ worth billions and billions of pounds, making me massively rich.

Today is the hottest day of the year so far and soon I will be out enjoying myself in it. This is England, we very rarely get nice weather. I get to enjoy the blue skies, warmth on my face and the feel of grass under my feet. It feels like paradise. It’s all free.

Money is great but there are some days you realise just how rich you are and it has nothing to do with your bank balance.

Enjoy the day.



Law of Attraction

Hey gang,

Here is a concept that I touched on in the last post: The Law of Attraction.


If you flood your subconscious with images of anything, you will attract that thing into your life. Don’t ask me how it works, but better people than me who have earned millions, reached the top of their career and learned the secret of happiness, say it works. Therefore I’m willing to give it a go! It can work both positively and negatively.

It may be hard to believe that it works for good, so I’ll give you an example of how it works for bad.


Have you ever known someone who goes through life with drama after drama? Someone who every day comes into work with some fresh story of trouble? You might ask yourself, how on earth does one person have so much bad stuff happen to them? Well, listen to what they say. ‘Bad things always happen to me.’ ‘I’m always late.’ ‘I’m always getting sick.’ ‘I keep losing things.’ ‘I never have enough money.’ They are attracting the bad things, the sickness, the lack of money.

[Quick note: I’m not suggesting that all bad things such as the death of a loved one, abuse, natural disasters or serious illnesses are bought on by the people involved.]


There are many successful people who swear by the Law of Attraction. Or, ‘whatever you think about the most you attract’. So if you keep telling yourself that you always have bad stuff happen to you, then bad stuff will continually happen to you. If you focus on how you never have any money, your mind will keep you poor.

So, if you focus on success or great health, you will attract it into your life.

Have you ever seen the film Evan Almighty? Every day Evan tells himself ‘I am successful, I am powerful, I am handsome, I am happy.’ He focuses on what he wants to be, rather than on what he doesn’t want to be. Your mind thinks in pictures, so picture everything you want if and when you do want to use affirmations.

I regularly look at property websites and when I see a picture of somewhere that makes my heart pump harder, I know I must really want that. So I save a picture of it into a folder on my computer. I focus on it and I tell myself that I will end up in a place like that, no doubt about it. When you focus on something, your mind goes to work getting it for you.

I know it sounds strange, but as a psychologist, I know how powerful the mind is. Plus if nothing else, going through life focusing on the positive will make you happier than focusing on the negative.

For further reading, I strongly recommend ‘The 25 Principles of Success’ by Jack Canfield. He devotes a few chapters to visualisations, the law of attraction and affirmations.

Till next time



Hey guys,

So, whilst practically INHALING books about motivation and success and improving your life, I’ve come across some really mind blowing concepts. I’m still new to them but the stories I’ve heard of other people reaping the benefits of them have excited me enough to keep going.

Visualisations are basically what I talked about doing in my last post when Italked about motivational triggers. When I want to motivate myself I close my eyes and imagine how I want the future to be. If there is something you want, picture it as vividly, with as much detail as you possible can. Think about how you will feel once you achieve it. (When I do this I get really excited at the prospect of it actually happening.)

The more emotion you can attach to it the better. Emotion, detail, vividness. The idea is that eventually, the thing you imagine will come to pass.


Before you think it’s all a lot of mumbo jumbo, consider this scientific experiment. Some psychologists put a group of basketball players of the same ability into 3 groups. One group practised taking shots (at the hoop, not vodka shots!) physically for an hour every day. One group mentally rehearsed taking shots. One group did not rehearse at all.

What they found was, when it came to the 3 groups taking shots in real life the group that physically rehearsed did best but the group that mentally rehearsed were very close behind them! The group that did not rehearse at all did not improve at all or do very well.

If you want any further prove then do what I did and scour the internet and books for evidence that this has worked for real people in real situations.

I’ll leave you with a true story that really excited me.

A man was visualising his future. To help him keep it on his mind the whole time he created a vision board. He stuck pictures on this board of the kind of things he wanted in his future; the holidays he would like to take, the house he would like to live in, the car he would like to drive etc.

He worked really hard and a few years passed but eventually he had enough money to buy a really nice house for himself. As he was unpacking his young son found the vision board and asked him what it was. As he explained, the man picked up the vision board and he couldn’t believe his eyes. The picture of the house on the board was the exact house that he had just moved into.

I would love to hear any visualisation stories you have. Next topic will be very similar to this…the Law of Attraction!

Till next time


Motivational Trigger

Evening All!

This is something I’m really excited about. I’m including it in my book because I think it’s fantastic.

Being the highly intelligent, smart and, if we’re honest, deeply sexy person that you are, I’m sure you know what a motivational trigger is. However, for purposes of writing a meaningful blog that will help you, I will explain in more depth.

You know that feeling of excitement you have when you start a New Year (you know, the one that kicks in after the hangover ends), well that excitement tends to only last a few weeks tops. I never hear anyone at this time of year saying how well they are doing with their New Year resolutions.

Well a motivational trigger is an idea, person, or thought that gives you that excitement every time you need a boost. It keeps you on track to achieving your goals. So six months down the line you are still excited to be doing what you’re doing.

I don’t recommend working from a place of fear. However one of my trigger thoughts is imagining that I’m on my death bed and am absolutely distraught because I didn’t do everything I wanted to do. In this scenario I’m crying and filled with regrets at letting fear hold me back and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Now, this is quite extreme and a very sad/scary picture, but that’s just one I’ve always had and it’s pushed me forward where normally I would hold back.

On a much more positive note, I imagine the near future. I vividly picture living in a lovely home, with land all around. I imagine all the garden parties I’ll have, the BBQ’s, chasing my wife and step-daughter round the garden with a water gun. I imagine being so wealthy I can give up my day job and concentrate on a career in motivation and helping people. I close my eyes and picture all the things I desire. Then I get excited and happy and am motivated to carry on.

So think about what motivates you every time you think about it, or hang round with someone you find extremely uplifting. Find your motivational trigger, it is invaluable.

Next time I’ll be talking about visualisation with a really cool story I read about.

Can’t wait!


Guess what – dream jobs exist!


Introducing the Dream Job!

If you’re like the poor soul above, you probably think the Dream Job is non existent like unicorns or a good Justin Bieber song. However if you do what I call the 360 Review, you will be much closer to finding your dream job. 

Here’s how it works. First of all you think about what you just love to do. Whether it’s drinking beer, shopping, reading, living like a Rock God or whatever. Let’s take a guy I used to know as an example. When I was trying to encourage him to find a job he enjoyed he said he didn’t know what to do. I told him to find something he enjoyed doing and then find someone to pay him to do it.

Thinking he was being clever he said ‘No one is going to pay me to watch snooker and drink beer.’ I immediately listed nearly a dozen jobs that involved doing one or both of those things. I then went on to suggest a few things he could do that didn’t exist yet (to my knowledge) that he could create for himself. The benefit of that being there would be no competition so KA-CHING!

Want to know what I told him? I said he could open his own sports bar that showed live sports (including snooker) and employ staff to work there while he managed it. Then he could drink beer and watch snooker with his customers and do the paperwork at his leisure. Thus being paid to drink beer and watch snooker. That was the best example, but I also suggested beer tasting, brewery owner, snooker player, snooker commentator, sports writer etc.

The idea is you look at what your passion is from every angle and work out how you could get paid to do what you love.

Another example? One of my friends just wants to lounge around on a yacht all day in the sun. I suggested she move to California and start a business taking tourists out on a hired yacht. She would be on a yacht all day, chatting with people, having a laugh. Eventually she could buy her own yacht, pimp it out and start doing trips for celebrities as well. Big bucks there plus the lifestyle of the rich and famous, including rubbing shoulders with them!

Do a 360 Review of your passion and work out how you can make money from it!

Till next time