Monday’s Musical Motivation

I think too often this is used as a self-congratulatory song, where the person has already succeeded. However, my personal interpretation is that it’s a song about being on a tough journey. Using it in a psychological way, if you choose to say ‘we are the champions’ then you will do exactly what the next line is which is ‘we keep on fighting ’till the end’. Champions don’t quit. This song never fails to give me goose pimples.


Busy Bee!

Hello there!



As you can see I ticked parasailing off my bucket list. It was so serene sitting in the harness way up in the air. If I’m honest though, I enjoyed it the most when they dipped me up to my knees into the sea. It was such a delicious feeling.

I got some great news while I was away. I was awarded the scholarship I applied for so that will be something I’ll be working on for the next year or so. 

However, I wouldn’t feel right ditching the blog, so I will be continuing with it. Motivating others is something I feel passionate about and if I can help, inspire or motivate even one person a week, it will be worth it. I was talking to someone the other day who reminded me of the ripple effect of our actions. I was saying how frustrated I feel sometimes, I want to inspire millions of people and right now, this instant. However, this person reminded me how with each interaction that inspires someone, they will pass it on and on and on. Even if they don’t verbally pass it on, the difference in their attitude or behaviour will rub off on family and friends. You just can’t see it.

So there is my tip for you. Know that you are making a difference, far beyond what you can see. Even if you think no one notices or sees, you are making a difference. 

Chasing dreams

Hi fellow Smilers!

I’ve been very busy lately chasing my dreams. It’s been tiring, frustrating at times but also great to be so focussed. There have been days where I’ve just done task after task and I’ve really learned how action can put an end to anxiety or worrying. If you’re worried about something, just get up and do something about it. Don’t let yourself be paralysed by fear; fear of failure, fear of what might happen, fear of the unknown. Chase your dreams relentlessly. If nothing else, you know you will have given it 100% so there is no room for regret or ‘if only I’d tried harder or done more…’ There is a huge amount of satisfaction in just knowing you did everything you could.

I recently applied for a scholarship to do a course that will drastically change my life. While I wait for the decision, I’m going on holiday. If I get accepted, great. If I don’t it gives me the time to pursue other dreams. That’s the beauty of having lots of dreams, if one doesn’t work out, you still have others to go for. Whilst on holiday I’m going to cross a few things off my bucket list (parasailing will be one!) and I’m going to unwind and relax. 

I hope you all enjoy the next week, live it to the full and have at least one moment where you laugh uncontrollably. It might be worth doing what I do; if something really cracks you up, write it down in a book or notepad. I have a book full of things that have cracked me up and when I feel like I need a laugh I browse through it.

Till next time


Why you should NEVER give up!

Watch the guy in green (Stephen Bradbury) during this race. What I love about him is that from the very start he is in last place and sometimes he lags quite a bit behind. But he never gives up and as you’ll see in this video everything can change in a second. I love that it happens literally on the home run, with mere seconds to go.

Sometimes you might think that there is no point in continuing in working towards your goal. Maybe you feel like you’re miles behind the competition, you’re never going to make it and that you should just give up.

Yesterday I was playing Mario Kart with a young family member and she was annoyed that she was last in the race. ‘Argh, I’m miles behind I might as well give up, I’m never gonna win.’ I started telling her about this video, and said ‘If he had given up, he would never have won the race!’

Whatever race you’re running, whatever goal you’re working towards, remember Stephen Bradbury! Things can always change at the last second and you can get results that are beyond your wildest dreams!