Fun Friday – Juggling

Ever feel like you’re juggling too many balls at once in your life?


As you go on into the weekend, if you’re feeling like you have too many balls in the air and feel stressed, remember this guy.



Getting to know you

Dear Followers,

You obviously know a bit about me now and what I’m about (positivity, motivation, making people happy). I would love if I could get to know more about YOU.

So, if you’re happy to do so, please answer the following questions in the comments box. It’s just a bit of fun and a way for me to get to know you.

1) When was the last time you felt over the moon, and why?

2) What never fails to make you laugh?

3) Who is your hero and why?

4) Have you discovered your life’s purpose? If so, what is it?

5) What do you find inspires or motivates you the most?

6) What makes you happy?

7) What are your favourite qualities in a person?

8) Do you get cranky when you’re hungry?

9) What is your favourite T.V show, book or film?

10) What’s your favourite thing about the internet?

I look forward to all your responses, please take the time to answer. I genuinely want to get to know my followers so I can write better for you and prepare a decent giveaway for when I hit my next ‘follower’ target.

Till next time



Knighting people – Bouquet of 3

Dear All,

I’m delighted to have been nominated for my first award, the ‘Bouquet of 3’ by the incredibly encouraging Lydia at My Feather Quill. She has been a great support to me since I started my blog a few months ago. Her blog is varied, down to earth and great to read. Her writing is superb and she does fantastic reviews.


The rules are as follows:

1. As the recipient of the award you have to share 7 things about yourself with the blogosphere.

2. Link back to the post of the person who nominated you (in this case it will be me).

3. Copy and Paste the Award logos into your new post.

2. To pass on the award you then nominate 15 bloggers (This bit is sort of like knighting someone)

3. You should let all the lovely bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can claim their virtual reward.

Here are the 7 things about me:

1) Sometimes I laugh so hard for so long, that my body goes into some sort of strange convulsion where I then can’t stop laughing or crying. The first time it happened I scared myself. Now I just enjoy it.

2) I would love nothing better than to positively change million’s of people’s lives.  I feel like my heart is breaking when I hear sad things happening to people and want to make it all better for them.

3) I tend to be a bit distrustful at first. This may date back to when I was a child and my older brother tricked me into picking up dog poo. We don’t talk anymore.

4) I believe life is an adventure to be lived to the full.

5) I will tell anyone who listens that when I happened to (briefly) meet Pink (who I love), I was the first one to let go when we shook hands. My friends who know me find this hard to believe. I think they thought I would jump on her back and cling to her like a barnacle.

6) My two favourite (non celebrity) people are my dad and my wife. Both are hilarious, crazy, wise and gentle people who I could sit at the feet of and listen to for hours.

7) I am a 67 year old in the body of a 27 year old. I’m regularly told I have an old head on young shoulders.

So, to carry on this knighting people award, below are the blogs that I enjoy reading. I have only been blogging a few months but here are the ones that I have enjoyed so far!

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Till next time


Reclaim your thirst for life!


Good morning!

Well, it’s hump day. For those of you with your minds in the gutter, that means we are halfway through the working week. 

How do you feel? I mean, really…deep down. Bored? Fed up? In my mind there are 2 types of boredom. There is ‘double maths lesson’ bored which passes the minute you are released to go to lunch and be with your friends. This isn’t too worrying, everybody has it.

Then you have the deep down ‘my soul has stagnated’ boredom. This is like dry rot and must be got rid of! I remember a few years ago I was stood in line at the shops and I suddenly realised I was far beyond double maths bored. It was a Sunday, the same inane headlines covered the magazines I was glancing at. I was buying exactly the same cereal and other bits of food that I had been buying the week before. I knew I would probably go home and do exactly what I did every weekend in an attempt to escape the reality of working 5 days a week in a job I hated.

I got extremely frustrated. I remember saying to a relative of mine how boring life was and they said that it was just how life was and to learn to accept it. They said everyone has to work, shop, cook and clean. Feeling desperate, I then raised my voice and said ‘Well if that’s what life is then I don’t want it!’

However, from that point on I was on a mission. I realised I’d not got any thirst for living. Everything exciting had previously seemed impossible; options and hobbies were for other people. The best way I can describe the change in me was forcing my mind open to accept other possibilities.

Once you realise that you can do all the exciting things that other people do, this incredible thirst will wash over you. You will feel like a kid in a sweet shop and want everything NOW!

I’m not saying you will never feel bored again, but once you realise you can take charge and make life what you want it to be, your thirst for life will come rushing back. It’s like going from black and white to colour, mute to surround sound.

So maybe plan something new for this weekend or buy the weirdest looking food at the supermarket and try it with friends. Talking of which, what is up with dragon fruit!?! 

Till next time


Learning – the fun kind

Hands up, class, if school wasn’t really your cup of tea?

I have to say, though I did well at school, that it was more through pride in my work than being interested in what I was learning. I would sit fuming in a maths class, complaining to my class mates ‘When am I ever going to use this? Yet things I would really appreciate being taught weren’t even mentioned. I love this picture below.


But thankfully as an adult I can pick and choose what I learn. I think of lot of people get so put off by the idea of ‘learning’ as they associate it with boring classes at school.

Learning does for your life what self-raising flour does for cakes; it enhances and lifts it. You will stand out from the crowd if you keep learning. You might make a new friend at night classes, you might be promoted because you have that extra qualification and it will definitely make you more interesting at parties!

First of all, get rid of the idea that learning takes place only within the walls of a classroom. Sitting with my legs dangling off the side of a plane, I learned just how cold it is at 14,000 feet! As I tilted my head back, crossed my arms over my chest and pushed myself out of the plane, I learned what it feels like to freefall for a minute (scary but freeing!)

I learned just how fast you have to run off a mountain to catch the wind when you want to go hangliding.

Hang gliding

I learned how heavy chain mail is!


I want to learn so much I’m concerned I’ll never fit it into my lifetime. On my book case I have a whole shelf dedicated to language books and CD’s. I have French, Spanish, Mandarin, Sign Language, German and Japanese. I want to be fairly fluent in them all.

Behind my book case sits a keyboard I can only half play. I want to learn to play that, I also want to learn to play the saxophone.

Learn the guitar so you can serenade that special someone. Learn how to create websites so you can earn squillions of pounds. Learn how to make cool clothes so you won’t have to dress your baby in the god awful knitted baby grows you just know your mother-in-law will try and inflict on your newborn.

Don’t let formal education put you off learning. Learn something, anything. Let it enrich your life and make you a rounded and interesting person (not that you aren’t tremendously fascinating right now). Most of all, have fun with it. You won’t learn if you’re not having fun.

Till next time


P.S For this post, I learned how to put more than one picture in at a time. Right on!