Chasing dreams

Hi fellow Smilers!

I’ve been very busy lately chasing my dreams. It’s been tiring, frustrating at times but also great to be so focussed. There have been days where I’ve just done task after task and I’ve really learned how action can put an end to anxiety or worrying. If you’re worried about something, just get up and do something about it. Don’t let yourself be paralysed by fear; fear of failure, fear of what might happen, fear of the unknown. Chase your dreams relentlessly. If nothing else, you know you will have given it 100% so there is no room for regret or ‘if only I’d tried harder or done more…’ There is a huge amount of satisfaction in just knowing you did everything you could.

I recently applied for a scholarship to do a course that will drastically change my life. While I wait for the decision, I’m going on holiday. If I get accepted, great. If I don’t it gives me the time to pursue other dreams. That’s the beauty of having lots of dreams, if one doesn’t work out, you still have others to go for. Whilst on holiday I’m going to cross a few things off my bucket list (parasailing will be one!) and I’m going to unwind and relax. 

I hope you all enjoy the next week, live it to the full and have at least one moment where you laugh uncontrollably. It might be worth doing what I do; if something really cracks you up, write it down in a book or notepad. I have a book full of things that have cracked me up and when I feel like I need a laugh I browse through it.

Till next time



Motivational Music Monday

I’ve decided that as there are so many motivational songs out there, each Monday I would share a motivational song. Today is Pink’s birthday so I’m kicking today off with her song ’18 Wheeler’.

Why you should NEVER give up!

Watch the guy in green (Stephen Bradbury) during this race. What I love about him is that from the very start he is in last place and sometimes he lags quite a bit behind. But he never gives up and as you’ll see in this video everything can change in a second. I love that it happens literally on the home run, with mere seconds to go.

Sometimes you might think that there is no point in continuing in working towards your goal. Maybe you feel like you’re miles behind the competition, you’re never going to make it and that you should just give up.

Yesterday I was playing Mario Kart with a young family member and she was annoyed that she was last in the race. ‘Argh, I’m miles behind I might as well give up, I’m never gonna win.’ I started telling her about this video, and said ‘If he had given up, he would never have won the race!’

Whatever race you’re running, whatever goal you’re working towards, remember Stephen Bradbury! Things can always change at the last second and you can get results that are beyond your wildest dreams!

The Meaning of Life

Hello you lovely bunch!

Some of you may have had exam results this week or known someone who has. If you got the desired results, great! Well done!

But I want to talk to those who didn’t get what they were hoping for. Those of you who maybe feel like you’ve been sucker punched in the stomach. 

Have you ever seen the film ‘Chicago’? There’s a scene in that where a woman named Roxie is about to go on trial for murder. Up until that point she had been confident, even cocky that she wouldn’t be hanged as they had never hung a woman yet. However, things change when suddenly they hang a woman. She isn’t cocky now, she’s scared. She admits this to her lawyer, Billy Flynn. Billy turns around and says ‘Don’t be. I’ve been around a long time and believe me you’ve got nothing to worry about. It’s all a circus. A three ring circus. These trials, the whole world…it’s all a show business.’

Now I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t be worried about committing murder as you’ll get away with it, but I am saying don’t worry so much about your exam results, or anything that doesn’t go quite as planned. There is quite a bit of truth in what Billy Flynn says. Exams, the 5 day work week, it’s all man made. It has no inherent meaning. At the beginning of time, cave men got by without worrying about GCSE’s or A-levels.

There are so many options open to us these days. We don’t all have to fit down the academic path. It’s not for everybody. True, a basic grasp of maths and English would stand you in good stead, but not knowing how to do 3-d trigonometry or quadratic equations will not mean you will never earn good money or go travelling or have the family you always dreamed of. 

Read half the biographiesImage of successful people today and they either didn’t do well at school, dropped out or floated about for a while before they found their niche. 

Put your own meaning on what you do, don’t be force fed the meaning of others. I remember when I was doing my A-levels, I saw on the news a girl jumped off a bridge to her death to avoid her exams. I wish I could have spoken to her and said ‘Look, there is a whole world out there beyond exams and education. Exam time is just a single stroke of the paint brush in the picture of your life. See the bigger picture! Know there is life outside, above and beyond what you’re going through right now!’ 

Don’t let your friends, family, government, society or boss tell you the meaning of something. If it’s important to you pursue it. If it’s not, then don’t. Some of my loved ones don’t have a single qualification to their name, but they have lived long and happy lives. I did the whole education thing and I used to work alongside a girl who didn’t even bother sitting her exams. We did the same job for the same pay and she was actually better at it than me. 

Think outside the box. The meaning of your life is whatever you choose it to be. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just live it to the best of your ability.

Till next time


Motivational Tip – Mix with interesting people!


Another Monday morning has shown up. However today I don’t feel so bad. I had the pleasure of going to visit some of my wife’s family at the weekend. Not only did I eat like royalty the whole time I was there, I came away feeling so motivated because they were such interesting people. Every inch of their house oozed personality and memories. There were books in nearly every room of the house (my wife’s cousin is a famous author) and were on every subject under the sun. Photos covered the walls of family, friends and pets. They had so many interesting stories of places they’d been to, people they’d met and things they’d done that I was green with envy! 

It inspired me to get out there and live more fully. Twenty years from now I want to have interesting stories to tell, memories that make me laugh till I cry, a house stuffed full of goods from my travels and photos everywhere. 

So as a motivational tip for this week, seek out those people that always have a story to tell. They have really lived and it’s great for their thirst for life to rub off on you!

Till next time