Measure your progress

Hello all!

So, I’ve not blogged much recently, but was thinking about the blog today and I wondered about you all. I wondered what you had been up to, if you’ve achieved any goals, crossed any items off your bucket list or tried anything new.           Image

It’s really motivating to look back and catch up on all the things you’ve achieved. It gives you some perspective on how you’re doing and how far you’ve come. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the things are, as long as you’re moving in the right direction. For example, your list for the year to date might look like this:

Started attending an evening class.

Lost 10 pounds

Crossed ‘visiting New York’ off my bucket list

Made a new friend.

Tried a new food every month.

Pick a date where you can look back and measure your progress. It could be every 3 months, every 6 months,  every year or even every week (just don’t expect monumental things if you’re checking every week)

Let me know how you’re getting on, I genuinely want to know. Why else would I do this blog? I want to help motivate you all to be the greatest versions of yourself possible!

I’ll start. My year to date progress is:

Spent the New Year with family (wanted to do that for ages)

Got married!

Grew a mohawk.

Went parasailing.

Went on my first foreign holiday with my wife.

Started sign language classes

Discovered the direction I wanted my life to go in and started a related diploma.

Got 3 things published in magazines.

Started writing a book.

Threw a message in a bottle into the sea

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!

Till next time