Thanks For Sharing

thanks-for-sharing-poster05-1Morning all!

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m a massive fan of Pink (the woman, not the colour). This being the case, last night I went to see the new film ‘Thanks For Sharing’ in which she had a small part.

I came away feeling really motivated. The film is about a group of addicts, trying to fight their addiction. I found it really inspiring how they went about coping and fighting their disease. One of the characters, Adam, has a mantra he repeats to himself whenever he needs to. ‘One day at a time’. Using this (and the support meetings and other techniques) he manages to stay sober for 5 years.

At the support groups they give out sobriety medallions for each day, week, month, year, 5 years etc that they stay sober. I considered how I could use that to help me. Some sort of reward for sticking at what I want to do (or not do as the case may be). For me, I would say my worst vice at the moment is junk food, chocolate, that sort of thing. It’s a problem. So, to help me, I’m going to make my own little medallions for each day, week, month, year, I stay off the junk.

Another thing I found motivating was how they took such little steps. So if you’re trying to become healthier, take tiny steps to begin with. You’ll find it easier to start, you’ll feel great for achieving it and you won’t be overwhelmed by your overall goal. You could literally start with 1 minute a day exercise. You could drink a healthy drink (E.G. green tea) twice a day. It all makes a difference.

Lastly, the support from fellow addicts was so lovely. The whole sponsor-sponsee relationship was great. Knowing someone who has your back and will help you through it is so helpful to say the least. If you can, get someone who will kick your butt when you need it, then celebrate with you when you’ve done well or reached a milestone.

Till next time


P.S Also love the tagline ‘Life is a journey you never have to take alone.’