Measure your progress

Hello all!

So, I’ve not blogged much recently, but was thinking about the blog today and I wondered about you all. I wondered what you had been up to, if you’ve achieved any goals, crossed any items off your bucket list or tried anything new.           Image

It’s really motivating to look back and catch up on all the things you’ve achieved. It gives you some perspective on how you’re doing and how far you’ve come. It doesn’t really matter how big or small the things are, as long as you’re moving in the right direction. For example, your list for the year to date might look like this:

Started attending an evening class.

Lost 10 pounds

Crossed ‘visiting New York’ off my bucket list

Made a new friend.

Tried a new food every month.

Pick a date where you can look back and measure your progress. It could be every 3 months, every 6 months,  every year or even every week (just don’t expect monumental things if you’re checking every week)

Let me know how you’re getting on, I genuinely want to know. Why else would I do this blog? I want to help motivate you all to be the greatest versions of yourself possible!

I’ll start. My year to date progress is:

Spent the New Year with family (wanted to do that for ages)

Got married!

Grew a mohawk.

Went parasailing.

Went on my first foreign holiday with my wife.

Started sign language classes

Discovered the direction I wanted my life to go in and started a related diploma.

Got 3 things published in magazines.

Started writing a book.

Threw a message in a bottle into the sea

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours!

Till next time



Busy Bee!

Hello there!



As you can see I ticked parasailing off my bucket list. It was so serene sitting in the harness way up in the air. If I’m honest though, I enjoyed it the most when they dipped me up to my knees into the sea. It was such a delicious feeling.

I got some great news while I was away. I was awarded the scholarship I applied for so that will be something I’ll be working on for the next year or so. 

However, I wouldn’t feel right ditching the blog, so I will be continuing with it. Motivating others is something I feel passionate about and if I can help, inspire or motivate even one person a week, it will be worth it. I was talking to someone the other day who reminded me of the ripple effect of our actions. I was saying how frustrated I feel sometimes, I want to inspire millions of people and right now, this instant. However, this person reminded me how with each interaction that inspires someone, they will pass it on and on and on. Even if they don’t verbally pass it on, the difference in their attitude or behaviour will rub off on family and friends. You just can’t see it.

So there is my tip for you. Know that you are making a difference, far beyond what you can see. Even if you think no one notices or sees, you are making a difference. 

Chasing dreams

Hi fellow Smilers!

I’ve been very busy lately chasing my dreams. It’s been tiring, frustrating at times but also great to be so focussed. There have been days where I’ve just done task after task and I’ve really learned how action can put an end to anxiety or worrying. If you’re worried about something, just get up and do something about it. Don’t let yourself be paralysed by fear; fear of failure, fear of what might happen, fear of the unknown. Chase your dreams relentlessly. If nothing else, you know you will have given it 100% so there is no room for regret or ‘if only I’d tried harder or done more…’ There is a huge amount of satisfaction in just knowing you did everything you could.

I recently applied for a scholarship to do a course that will drastically change my life. While I wait for the decision, I’m going on holiday. If I get accepted, great. If I don’t it gives me the time to pursue other dreams. That’s the beauty of having lots of dreams, if one doesn’t work out, you still have others to go for. Whilst on holiday I’m going to cross a few things off my bucket list (parasailing will be one!) and I’m going to unwind and relax. 

I hope you all enjoy the next week, live it to the full and have at least one moment where you laugh uncontrollably. It might be worth doing what I do; if something really cracks you up, write it down in a book or notepad. I have a book full of things that have cracked me up and when I feel like I need a laugh I browse through it.

Till next time


Bucket List Update and Challenge Completed.


I read this quote before my holiday and it stuck in my mind. I always say how quickly my holidays go and so was determined to make the most of every minute.

The time still went quickly but I packed so much into my time that I came back extremely satisfied and happy. 

I managed to cross 2 things off my bucket list and at the same time complete the challenge I’d set myself to do something scary or out of my comfort zone within the month. 

Skinny dipping has never really crossed my mind. I put it on my bucket list because it is so far out of my comfort zone it was bound to make me feel alive. It sure worked! As I started stripping off on the beach my heart was pounding. The minute the last item of clothing hit the sand I was off, running into the sea. It was so liberating! 

It was late at night, no one was around but it still felt daring. Once I’d swum out a little way I also threw my message in a bottle into the sea. It was great to cross 2 things off my list at once.

I’m thrilled to hear some great feedback from people about bucket lists. Some people have started writing their own which is brilliant! I can’t wait to hear how they get on! 

I would love to hear how you are all getting on.

Till next time


My Bucket List

Okay gang,

I’ve been encouraged by Project Light to Life to finally get down, in writing, my Bucket List. I’ve had one in my head for a few years and have managed to do some of them already (which is why there are some items crossed off).Image

Here, in it’s entirety, is my Official Bucket List.

  1. Meet Ellen and go to her show
  2. Ride an elephant
  3. Learn to skate really well and dance in the skates
  4. Write and publish a book
  5. Grant someone their dying wish
  6. Get a tattoo
  7. Open an orphanage in Africa.
  8. Buy a house I love
  9. Meet Pink (properly this time)
  10.  Have a dog
  11.  Visit the Taj Mahal
  12.  Spend a night in the Ice Hotel in Sweden
  13.  Visit the Pyramids
  14.  Walk along part of the Great Wall of China
  15.  Visit Stonehenge
  16.  Go skiing
  17.  See the Northern lights
  18.  Ride a snowmobile
  19.  Watch a film at a drive in cinema
  20.  Ride in a gondola in Venice
  21.  Take a completely spontaneous holiday
  22.  Go skinny dipping
  23.  Go up in a hot air balloon
  24.  Go on a long road-trip across America
  25.  Learn at least 1 verbal language fluently
  26.  Throw a message in a bottle into the sea
  27.  Learn to play the saxophone
  28.  Become an epic motivational speaker
  29.  Be an extra in a tv show or film
  30.  Go parasailing
  31.  Go on all the biggest roller-coasters in the world
  32.  Take my wife to all the places I’ve been to that I know she’d like.
  33.  Go on a cruise
  34.  Build my own house
  35.  Go on a murder mystery weekend
  36.  Stand on an international date line
  37.  Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  38.  Visit Canada
  39.  Watch a Broadway show
  40.  Go to a baseball game in America
  41.  Travel around Europe
  42.  Surprise my wife with a week away somewhere abroad
  43.  Learn sign language
  44.  Go to a great fancy dress party
  45.  Go on a multiple day train journey that has sleeping compartments and a dining car!
  46.  Hire a private jet
  47.  Go on a helicopter ride
  48.  Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa
  49.  Hire a homeless person
  50.  Put up a homeless person till they find a job
  51.  Get in great shape and stay that way
  52.  Give blood 100 times
  53.  Go to Niagra Falls
  54.  Watch an ice hockey game in Canada
  55.  Throw my plate on the floor in Athens
  56.  Spend some time in Alaska
  57.  Eat genuine fajitas in Mexico City
  58.  Meet chimpanzees in the wild
  59.  Bring in the new year at Times Square
  60.  Experience weightlessness
  61.  Go to Nashville and hear some live country music
  62.  Pass my driving test
  63.  See the running of the bulls in Pamplona
  64.  Sleep under the stars
  65.  Pay for my wife to swim with dolphins
  66.  Become a millionaire by 30
  67.  Start my own business
  68.  Sky dive
  69.  Bungee Jump
  70.  Milk a cow
  71.  Ride a mechanical bull
  72.  Go to New York
  73.  See the Grand Canyon
  74.  Go to Vegas
  75.  Ride a jet ski
  76.  Ride a motorbike
  77.  Ride a camel
  78.  Go on a zipline
  79.  Go quad biking
  80.  Go on safari
  81.  Experience just one great love
  82.  Make a difference to millions of people’s lives
  83.  Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
  84.  Quit my job and go travelling for months.
  85.  Help my family achieve their dreams
  86.  See the Sydney Opera House
  87.  Give sick children the best day of their life
  88.  Celebrate every New Year the world has in one day.
  89.  Pay off my student loan
  90.  Learn self-defence
  91.  Grow a mohawk
  92.  Become the kind of person someone would miss when I’m gone
  93.  Buy a Mr Whippy machine and make my own ice cream
  94.  Get rid of my inner demons
  95.  Stay in the most quirky hotels all around the world
  96.  Find inner peace
  97.  Be happy with my achievements at the end of my life
  98.  Leave behind a legacy
  99.  Donate my organs
  100.  Plan a really fun funeral