Fake it till you make it.

Hi guys!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the expression ‘fake it till you make it’. It basically means you act as if you are whatever you want to be, even if you don’t feel that way. A common example is acting confident even when you don’t feel like it. So what people see on the outside is this:


But what you might feel on the inside is this:


I’ve found recently that I’ve been really bad at exercising. I think it may be because of the shorter days. All of a sudden leaping out of bed at 6 am to put myself through agony doesn’t have the same appeal it used to. However I’ve been wearing shorts and t-shirt round the house lately and it’s primed my mind to make me think I’m a naturally athletic exercise-loving person. Guess what? I’ve been exercising more and enjoying it more. I’m acting AS IF I love to keep fit and it’s paying off.

So who do you want to be? The life and soul of the party? Act as if you were born to live in the spotlight when you next go out and it will start to feel true. Do you want to be a raging success at something? Act as if it were already true and watch people respond to you, propelling you forward to that success. 

I’ve had so many people tell me how confident and strong I come across. They think I’m lying when I say how shy I am. Only my wife sees the nervous wreck with the shaking hand on the door knob taking a deep breath before entering a situation I’d rather not be in. Once the door has opened it’s like the curtains are up and I’m on stage. Then I act confident and I start to FEEL confident. 

Now I’m going to go and act as if I WANT to go food shopping with the missus. I don’t think I’m ever very convincing at this…

Till next time