The Grind – Rise and Shine

This video gives me goose pimples and a fire in my chest!


Monday’s Musical Motivation

I think too often this is used as a self-congratulatory song, where the person has already succeeded. However, my personal interpretation is that it’s a song about being on a tough journey. Using it in a psychological way, if you choose to say ‘we are the champions’ then you will do exactly what the next line is which is ‘we keep on fighting ’till the end’. Champions don’t quit. This song never fails to give me goose pimples.

Why you should NEVER give up!

Watch the guy in green (Stephen Bradbury) during this race. What I love about him is that from the very start he is in last place and sometimes he lags quite a bit behind. But he never gives up and as you’ll see in this video everything can change in a second. I love that it happens literally on the home run, with mere seconds to go.

Sometimes you might think that there is no point in continuing in working towards your goal. Maybe you feel like you’re miles behind the competition, you’re never going to make it and that you should just give up.

Yesterday I was playing Mario Kart with a young family member and she was annoyed that she was last in the race. ‘Argh, I’m miles behind I might as well give up, I’m never gonna win.’ I started telling her about this video, and said ‘If he had given up, he would never have won the race!’

Whatever race you’re running, whatever goal you’re working towards, remember Stephen Bradbury! Things can always change at the last second and you can get results that are beyond your wildest dreams!